White and Green Gold Twisted Mans Wedding Band

Seriously, I have the coolest clients! This wedding band was for a Lord of the Rings fan. The bride wanted something that portrayed the Ring of Barahir which in laymen's terms is a ring with two snakes intertwined that have green eyes and crowns- kind of ornate for a ring that will be worn daily (and by a rock climber). We watered the idea down a bit and came up with this streamlined, modern version. One snake is white gold, one is green gold; no faces, eyes or crowns- but a few scales for good measure. 

From the bride: "

Colleen was incredible to work with! It was beyond refreshing to have someone so passionate about their trade to guide us on picking the perfect bands to celebrate our marriage. She was incredibly professional and very flexible with our budget and hectic schedules. She kept us informed from drawing stages through out the entire production of both pieces. The final results were beyond anything we could have dreamed of. Colleen caught the inspiration behind my husband's band perfectly with her own unique voice still showing through. My band was exactly what I had asked for and stunningly crafted. We would both highly recommend Colleen for any project you have in mind. She is an amazing artisan with a wonderful personality.